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System Integration

Many times a technology purchase involves multiple vendors working with a number of products that are supposed to be interactive and complementary. A simple way for a small business to manage this process is to have one contract with a vendor whose responsibility is to get all the other vendors working in harmony to complete the project. The concept is similar to hiring a General Contractor to have your custom house built. The GC then hires a number of subcontractors with specialty trades (electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc.) that are needed to complete the home.

Computer system integration works in the same fashion. One company is responsible for the overall computer project. The difference is that the customer gets to select the specialty vendors that will deliver the desired solution for the small business. Intellec works with our clients to help select the appropriate hardware, software and services to be packaged together into a total solution. The client then has only one procurement contract to manage. In other cases, the customer may wish to do their own procurement and allow Intellec to act as the coordinator of all the other technology partners that are selected for the project. In either case, Intellec becomes directly responsible to the client for the success of the project.