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LAN Design & Installation

A Local Area Network (LAN) is the structured connection of computers within an office, a building or group of buildings. The standard connection technology used in business computers today is Ethernet. As an international standard, Ethernet can be used to connect servers, computers, printers, copiers, tablet computers, smartphones and the Internet together. Designing the optimum network layout and mix of connection media constitutes a LAN design. A LAN cableplant must conform to these same Ethernet standards.

Installing a LAN involves the wiring and other passive (non-powered) network components and the active (powered) components. The cableplant is then tested to make sure it is functioning properly and that the computers can communicate over the cableplant as well.

Many businesses are moving to a wireless network environment. This type of network also must be designed to provide seamless data communication across your enterprise. Definition of locations for WiFi Access points, network security validation and broadcast encryption all must be identified prior to placement of equipment. Wireless blind-spots and interference source must also be recognized and provided for in the network design.

A business telephone system also requires a wiring network installation. Many times, the phone wiring and network wiring can be installed at the same time.

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