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Web Site Design and Hosting Services

In today’s business environment, having a qualify website is more important than having a listing in the yellow pages. A typical consumer will first go to the Internet to find a supplier of products or services before they would dig out a telephone directory.

A properly designed website should not only provide much information regarding your business, it must also be well designed to grab their attention when they visit your website. A combination of great graphic design and well thought content can improve the visibility of your business and improve your bottom line.

Using a website that has your own domain name on it further improves the name recognition of your enterprise. Many successful companies now are knows by their website name.

Controlling the hosting of your website is also important. Using an Internet domain name that you control allows you to customize your email communication so that every time you reach out to your customers, they see your website address. It will then be easier to remember what you website address is and make it easier to find your website on the Internet.

Intellec Solutions assists clients with identifying the best available Internet domain name, obtaining that name, setting up website host location ad help create your organization’s internet presence on the World Wide Web.

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