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System & Site Maintenance and Support

Many small businesses have realized that they are now dependent upon computer automation to run their operations. From back-office account to retail Point-of Sale, computers collect and process the information that keeps businesses in business. However, the need to maintain these important systems is beyond the level of in-house expertise. Businesses need a trained and experienced service provider to support their computing and communication infrastructure as a key component of their overall business strategy. This service provider has to understand your business from a business perspective, not just a technology perspective.

Intellec services can be customized to provide remote system support or on-site system support. Services include periodic preventative maintenance, systems software updates, operating system support, hardware support and assistance with the maintenance of your third-party application software programs. We understand that when you have your computers go down, your business is down as well.

Business owners do not need to become computer experts to use computers to run their business. Intellec acts as a small business outsourced IT department, performing all the duties normally associated with in-house IT services.

Intellec provide support services for Microsoft Windows servers, personal computers, Local Area Networking devices, network security devices, Internet connections and support for selected third-party application software. These services can be bundled into a site support service agreement that provided a defined service response time, defined hours of service coverage and fixed service costs over the life of the agreement. Intellec also can support your business through our remote support services. We can remotely connect to your network and monitor your servers, computers, routers, firewalls and cloud backup to address many issues before they become problems.

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