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Stop The Hacker

StopTheHacker is a suite of security technologies designed to keep a company’s website safe. Some of the technologies include:

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  • Web Malware Detection: Scans your website to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Removes the infected code automatically and immediately. Answers the question: “Am I infected”? and fixes the problem.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Scans your website to let you know about any security holes that hackers may exploit. Answers the question: “Am I Vulnerable for potential attacks”?
  • Uptime Monitoring: Scans your website to report if your website has been down and unavailable.
  • Reputation Monitoring: Scans of your website against malware, spam, and other blacklists (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others). Answers the question: “Am I Blacklisted”?