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Gate Protect: Easy-to-Use IT-Security Solutions

GateProtectEasy to operate, effective to manage and honored with multiple awards. gateprotect security solutions and next generation UTM firewalls are technologically mature, reliable and innovative IT security products “Made in Germany“.

Next Generation UTM: Easy to use complete solution

To meet the individual security requirements of small and medium-sized companies, an easy-to-use complete solution is the answer: The next generation UTM firewalls from gateprotect comprise innovative security and network features for the reliable protection of your network and your data against Spam, viruses and malware.

By means of state-of-the-art security functions such as Single Sign-On, Traffic Shaping, QoS, IPSec/SSL IDS/IPS, Webfilter and Virusfilter, all parts of the company can be protected against attacks from the web in an effortless and effective way. Even home offices, branch offices or mobile devices are interconnected in a safe manner.

The patented eGUI technology displays all protection areas of a company in a clearly arranged graphic interface. The result: minimum efforts, fewer operator errors, lower costs. Thanks to this usability, our UTM solution has been honored with several international awards!

eGUI: Quick and Easy Handling of Complex IT Security Solutions

IT security is essential for smooth business operations – regardless of a company’s size and business field. The number of cyber-attacks per day is steadily increasing. Almost any device is networked with others; the flow of information can hardly be controlled. Due to the utilization of mobile terminals, threats have increased even more. The loss of data may have devastating consequences under operative, financial and legal aspects and lead to a severe loss of reputation; it may even put at risk a company’s survival.

For the effective defense against attacks, more and more highly complex security features therefore have to be integrated into IT networks nowadays. However, this is also where the greatest security risk lies! The more defense mechanisms are implemented, the more complex will the operation of these systems become; the risk of operator errors is growing exponentially. According to a survey of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the errors and security incidents caused by human factors are becoming more and more frequent. The survey reads: “Altogether, both the IT management and business management of companies are regarding human behavior as the greatest potential danger for their company“. Most security gaps in the networks of companies may nowadays be retraced to operator errors or false settings of IT systems. The easy operation of IT security solutions is therefore becoming more and more important.

The response to this issue is the innovative eGUI® technology developed by gateprotect. This technology, which has already been successfully established in the market, provides operators with an overview and allows them to deploy IT security solutions that may be quickly administered and safely operated. With respect to the growing number of security functions and the complex defense mechanisms, this is a decisive advantage in the fight against threats from the Internet and the loss of data.

The firewall administration is immensely simplified thanks to the fully visual display of the company network in the eGUI. The unique usability approach renders complex IT security systems much more transparent and comprehensible to the administrator.

Advantages at a Glance:
• Reduction of firewall rules and visual display of the company network allow for more clarity
• Less work required for administration and configuration of the firewall
• Considerable savings thanks to more effective working procedures and fewer operator errors
• The result: significantly increased security

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